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Installation procedure for release 0.9.0 alpha 2.

In binary package you have just to place the executable at one of the default search paths or update the corresponding environment variable. In Linux package there is a Makefile that will do all the needed operations, for Windows and other non-unices you will have to do that yourself.

Building from the sources:
Lemick consists of the following parts:

Name			Description  
lemc    		The source to bytecodes compiler. It's source
			is located in src/lemc/.

lem    			Stand-alone Lemick run-time. This is needed to
			execute the compiled Lemick programs. It's source
			is in src/lem/.

lemd   			Lemick RT daemon. It listens to requests like a
			submission of remote Lemick threads. Very
			experimental. The source is in src/lem/.

lsubmit			Submits a whole program to RT daemon. The source
			is in src/lem/.

instab.*		Templates data for JIT compiler used in the 
			run-time. The source is in src/lem/temgen/.
			Note: these files files must be located in the path
			specified by definition `PATH_RUN_TIME_LIBS' in

packages		Lemicks uses packages for the extension of the core
			language. Source for the built-in packages is located
			in src/lemc/biext and src/lem/biext. Source for
			normal packages is in packages/src and src/ext/.

To build and install everything do the following:
1) unzip the package:
>tar xvfz lemick-0.9.0a2.tar.gz
2) move into lemick-0.9.0a2 and make all
>cd lemick-0.9.0a2
>make lemick
After that you should have lemc and lem executables.

You can also test the builded executables:
>make test
Note: the current test script is rather stupid and may skip on some
fatal errors in run-time.

And you can build the source documentation:
>make docs
The results will be placed in doc/lem and doc/lemc.

To save the space delete the temproraries:
>make clean

To compile lemick program use: lemc filename.lb,
to execute: lem filename.lem 





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